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B2B sales Automation and Trade promotion

1. Seamless Product Catalogue

Effortless Organization: Seamless Product Cataloging for Streamlined Operations

Each product listing includes clear and detailed information such as its description, specifications, and images. This aids customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

2. Advanced Search and Discovery

Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Advanced Search & Discovery Made Simple!

Easily locate the right product by scanning QR codes or utilizing functionalities such as category sorting, finish options, swatches, and typo-tolerant content search. You can generate QR code stickers in various styles and sizes to suit your needs.

3. Make Product Selections

Discover Your Perfect Fit: Our Product Selection

Make buyer selections effortlessly within seconds by simply scanning the products and easily making alterations through photo editing. Additionally, you can register comments to include in the selection process, further enhancing the decision-making experience.

4. Digitize Your Custom Designs

Revolutionize Your Vision: Digitize Your Custom Designs with Precision

Design the product seamlessly by editing the product picture, or incorporate your own designs into buyer selections, especially in response to new product demands. Additionally, you can maintain the status of offer sheets and generate statistical reports for better tracking and analysis.

5. Generate PPT,PDF,Excel Offer Sheets

Effortlessly Convert: Generate PPTs, PDFs, and Excel Sheets with Ease

Generate offer sheets in various formats, including one product per page or multiple products per page, to suit different needs. This feature supports generating offer sheets in Excel and PowerPoint formats, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

6. Product Costing

Crafting Excellence: Elevate Your Products with Precision Costing!

The precise product costing feature enables you to quote accurately, considering various parameters such as overheads, commissions, and other expenses. Additionally, different margin tables are available to assist in negotiations, empowering you to offer competitive pricing to your customers.

Powers the best brand experiences

Over 1000+ Users trust SAARANM to Manage immersive product and spatial experiences to their customers.


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Words from Our Valued Clients: Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Gaurav Jain

CEO-Basant Jodhpur

App is very smooth. We are using it for our showroom and during the delhi fair. Kudos team SAARANM and DiracERP.

Harneet Arora

CEO, Rayman Exports.-

Saaranm help me manage my customer visits specially for making the offer sheets. Previously it took a month to make final offer sheet, now it took few mins.

David Reuban

President, Global Procurement Inc. Dominican Republic

Best showcase application. Being a trader, i have been ready to costing and negotiation. Its costing feature keep me on cloud9. Thanks a ton to the team SAARANM.