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Most Frequent Questions

Product Listings and Information:

Q.1: How can I access detailed information about a product?

Q.2: Are product descriptions and specifications available for every item?

Q.3: Can I view images of the product from different angles?

QR Code and Product Navigation:

Q.1: How do I use QR codes to find products?

Q.2: Is there a specific app I need to scan QR codes?

Q.3: Can I navigate products by category, finish, or other features without scanning QR codes?

Product Customization and Design:

Q.1: Can I customize products by editing their pictures?

Q.2: Is there an option to add my own designs to products?

Q.3: Where i can see all the product which i have added through application?

Offer Sheets and Pricing:

Q.1: How can I request an offer sheet for products?

Q.2: Can I receive offer sheets in different formats?

Q.3: Is it possible to negotiate pricing based on different margin tables?

Q.4: Can I maintain the price in multiple currency such as in USD, EURO ect.?

Product Costing:

Q.1: How Saaranm help us to do the product costing.?

SAARANM assists in product costing by providing a precise and comprehensive feature that takes into account various parameters, such as material costs, labor costs, overhead expenses, commissions, and any other relevant factors. Users can input these parameters into the system, which then calculates the total cost of production for each product accurately. Additionally, SAARANM offers different margin tables to help users determine appropriate pricing strategies and negotiate better with suppliers or customers. This feature enables businesses to quote prices more precisely, ensuring profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

Q.2: Can i edit the product costing in one go.?

Q.3: Can i make the different product costing sheets?

CRM Activities:

Q.1: What are CRM activities it provide me.

  1. Contact Management
  2. Lead Management
  3. Sales Automation
  4. Pipeline Management
  5. Opportunity Management
  6. Task and Activity Management
  7. Reporting and Analytics
  8. Marketing Automation Integration
  9. Integration with Other Business Systems

Q.2: How this help me to take followups for offer sheets.

Q.3: How it generate the notifications.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction:

Q.1: How many brands trust SAARANM for product and spatial experiences?

Q.2: What benefits do brands experience by using SAARANM’s services?

Q.3: How can I be sure that SAARANM will provide immersive experiences for my customers too?


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